Zoey Robinson is a seven-year-old, best-selling author, influencer, kid entrepreneur, and Certified Game & App Developer. Zoey currently hosts her own YouTube & Television show, Zoey TV and has released 10 books since January 2020. Zoey has been featured nationally & internationally in magazines, radio shows, podcasts, Roku TV, Spotify, the local news and other media platforms.

Some of her recent achievements include recognition by United States Senator's Chris Van Hollen and Lena C Taylor, Awesome Young Authors' Award, Entrepreneur of the Year Award, top 10% in Public Speaking & Creative Writing, #1 on the global leaderboard in coding, along with many other honors and awards. Zoey’s video content has been used in DC Public Schools for distant learning during the pandemic as well as in the Smithsonian Institute.

Additionally, her books are being used in daycare centers and schools across the east coast. As a part of her literacy campaign, she does appearances, including school visits and participates in read-a-thons to promote literacy and positivity.

She partners with various organizations to help with literacy box donations, homeless drives, anti-bully projects, and autism awareness. As the youngest contributing author for Pearls & Gems Magazine, Zoey encourages and motivates girls ages 7-17 in the areas of self-esteem, confidence, and pursuing their dreams. Zoey is on a mission to spread positivity, creativity and joy throughout the world!!